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Our Services - Specialist Motorcycle Suspension

Shock Servicing

Your shock is a serviceable component of your bike, much like your engine.

The oil in your shock breaks down with use, loosing its ability to control your suspension.

You become familiar with this as it's happening while you ride and you don't realise until the shock is serviced. If you notice a difference once serviced you have left it too long.

As most modern shock absorbers are controlling a large single spring they require quite strong dampening to control its movement. This dampening creates a lot of heat, in turn the heat cycle's over time cause the oil to break down. As the oil breaks down, the dampening gets weaker and starts to give you less of a controlled feeling from the rear end of your bike.

Also the loss in lubrication quality, promotes wear on the moving parts inside your shock.

General Recommendations for Service intervals:

Average Road use 20,000kms
Motocross 25 to 30hrs
Enduro 35 to 40hrs
Road Race / Track Days 20hrs
Adventure 8,000 to 10,000kms

Rider's who are quicker than average should reduce these intervals.

Contact us for service interval recommendations for your individual application.

Servicing includes disassembly, clean, thorough inspection of all working internals and wearing parts, chrome shafts are linished / micro finished, then reassembled with fresh oil and gas.


Shock Service and seals - $220 - Mono Shock

Call for pricing on Twin Shocks

Prices are based on Suspension only.

Removal/Refit charges apply for whole bike (From $120 - $150)

Please note that any worn parts needing to be replaced will be additional to the service price.

Quotes for your approval will be provided before proceeding with repairs.