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Our Services - Specialist Motorcycle Suspension

Lowering Service

Where possible we prefer to lower bikes using spacers inside the forks and shock to reduce their extended height. By doing it this way, the bike will stop where the manufacturers designed it to stop.

For example, the rear suspension stops on the bump stop and the forks on the hydraulic stops internally, as opposed to extreme parts of the bike touching the ground or the tyre scrubbing out on the underside of the rear guard or the bottom of the triple clamps. This enables us to lower the bike to your requirements.

We work out how much is required by having you sit on the bike and we have various sized blocks to go under your feet to determine how much your bike needs lowering and also give you the sensation of what it would be like at that height.

In some instances we have no other option than to use lowering links.

Once we have lowered your bike, we are able to modify your side stand (where fitted) to suit the new height of your bike.

Off Road Bikes from $988
Road Bikes from $1048

Note: Above prices include servicing your suspension

Side Stand Modification from $99 - $135

Please note that any worn parts needing to be replaced will be additional to the service price. Quotes for your approval will be provided before proceeding with repairs.