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Our Services - Specialist Motorcycle Suspension

Chassis Maintenance

We have the expertise to maintain or repair

  • Head Stems
  • Rear Suspension Linkage
  • Swing Arm Pivot Bearings

Because of their continuous movement, these major components of your motorcycle chassis need to be cleaned and re-greased to maintain a smooth, friction free motion.

If these are not in a serviceable condition anymore we have the ability to supply and fit kits to replace the bearings, sleeves / cups and seals.

Typical price to fit kits are:-

Head Stem kit from $148.50
Linkage kit from $148.50
Swing Arm kit from $99.00
Fitting is based on $110.00 per hour


Call for prices on kits and fitting to suit your particular bike.

Some bikes and condition of these components may alter the price.

Quotes for your approval will be provided before proceeding with repairs.