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Our Success Comes from Your Satisfaction!

We Stand by our Workmanship

We base our reputation on "Customer Satisfaction" and "Word of Mouth" recommendations.

Our philosophy is founded on Customers enjoying their ride and being completely satisfied with their bike's transformation. 

If there was ever an occasion that our customers had an issue or were not happy with something, we would encourage them to get in touch and would help to resolve it as their satisfaction and exceptions are our priority.

We love nothing better than to hear the positive feedback, after a test ride, that "it has made the world of difference" and they are so happy, that they recommend us to others. 

We Specialise in Suspension only, and have four technicians on site, so please be assured with the quality and quantity of jobs we turn over each week, that our expertise and due diligence directed to our workmanship has enabled our technicians to obtain a very strong grip on mastering the "Black Art of Suspension".