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If You Are Not in Adelaide - We can still help you!

Hoey Racing Suspension Services frequently assist customers from across South Australian country regions and all states of Australia.

On this page, you can download a copy of our Job Description Sheet. By filling this sheet out with as much detail about yourself and your riding desires, it will help us to give you clear options for your set-up, including accurate quotes.

Did you know ... When buying most new brand bikes, the manufacturer sets them up with Default / Standard settings. Most likely for somebody that weighs 75 - 85kg and of average height riding. This is often why people don't ever feel that their new bike is perfect, and the reason our job description sheet is so important for us to help you fine tune it for you.

When shipping parts to our workshop, you can include a copy of this job sheet with the parts.  Contact us for freighting options.

A great way for so many of our customers to save the need to travel into Adelaide, and be able to access the quality services we offer.